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FREE Domestic Electricity for Rural Africa

SunLife is an education and health NGO registered with The Government of Ghana.

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At SunLife, we believe that education is one of the best routes out of poverty, so the bulk of the cost of our programme goes towards the funding of training our trainers, their very modest salaries and expenses.
Our activity starts at the grassroots level, explaining and then teaching the SunLife programme of how to use the sun to greatly increase the living standards of the rural African family to the population of each area we work in. We therefore require trainers to do this job, and the training of the trainers has to be funded. This activity is fully supervised and documented.
A donation of US $10/month will go a long way to help fund the training, expenses and salaries of the trainers.
We would greatly appreciate a donation of any amount. When you make a donation, we will keep you up to date with bimonthly reports and photographs of your trainer’s activities.