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Solar Ovens Making Process

Sun-Life teaches women in the rural areas how to make Solar Ovens using cheap materials freely available locally

Acquisition of Cardboard from Local Source
Cardboard Measurement and Marking out
Cutting out Cardboard
Gluing Cardboard Together
Finished Product (Solar Oven)
Attaching Aluminium Foils
After the cardboard have been acquired, it has to be carefully laminated, measured and marked out
The women need help with this activity, which is vital for good final product, because most can neither read nor write
First Oven Festival In Ghana
The main frame of a Solar Oven is made from cardboard which obviously needs to be firm, sturdy, rigid and robust.
The flexible card from which it is made, must therefore go through a thorough preparation to achieve the required rigidity.  The card preparation involves careful lamination using glue made from cassava tuber (cultivated locally).
The laminated cardboard is then put under heavy weights for twenty four (24) hours .
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