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FREE Domestic Electricity for Rural Africa

SunLife is an education and health NGO registered with The Government of Ghana.

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Our Mission

Our Mission Is:

To significantly improve the health and education of most rural tropical families by teaching the self provision of cost free domestic levels of electricity, cooking fuel and safe water by harvesting solar energy, vegetation and rain water.

There are many non-fossil based fuels, but at SunLife, we realize that solar energy is freely available for most parts of the year in sub-saharan Africa. We therefore concentrate our efforts and resources on this particular form of energy source.

By using the solar energy rather than fossil fuel based energy products like kerosene lamps, candles and also firewood and charcoal, the rural poor of sub-saharan Africa can derive the following benefits:

· Boosting income through savings.

· Good Health – Non inhalation of poisonous smoke and maintenance of good eye-sight.

· Educational Benefits – Longer and comfortable study times.

· Gender equality for women.

· Poverty reduction.

· Clean properties and household environment – no more soot.

· Improvement of general quality of life.

· Prevention of water-borne diseases.

· Forestall fire hazards.

· Reduction of individual carbon footprints.

Simply put, SunLife is committed to helping to alleviate poverty in the rural areas of Africa and to enhance the quality of life of people in Africa who would otherwise remain in perpetual poverty.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you will like to support us in our quest to help improve the living standard of the poverty-stricken people of rural population of Africa.

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